The Mayor That Was Me

The Mayor That Was Me


Many of the articles in this site carry links to films, which then can be difficult to find again, so they are listed again here for your convenience.  Enjoy!  Some films are quite unusual.  There is quite a library here; you may want to bookmark this link.


 A young American boy remembers his life as an pilot in World War II.  Click here.

 The well-known Tony Robinson undergoes regression therapy - and exposes Arthur Guirdham.  Forty-five minutes and worth every one.  Click here. 

 This film was only published in 2014 and the photography is strange, maybe it was copied from a TV programme.  Twenty one minutes of fascinating past life histories.  Click here.

The Cathars

 Five minutes of haunting music and beautiful drawings telling the story of Montségur.   Click here.

 A three minute outline of the work of Group Oc, the beauty of the Cathars and the horror of Montségur.  Click here, then click again within the site.

A two-minute glimpse of Monségur, interesting for its reconstructions of the castle AND village as they were at the time - 1244.  Here.

Adventures in Occitania

 Three utterly breath-taking minutes filmed in Narbonne on the night of 14th July 2013.   Click here for a film you will never forget.

Twenty-one minutes about Montségur in the French style by Jerôme Vigieur, as though you yourself are behind the camera, exploring Montségur village and castle, I was particularly moved by the museum (which is free) with it's "everyday" objects and its tomb with the bodies of people unknown; a couple buried side by side.  The ancestors of my previous life were living at the château during the siege.  Click here for your own adventure.  However far away you live this film is almost as though you were there.

  Seven minutes of the church of Vals Rupestre not far from Montségur - and some philosophy.  Here.  It's in French - there's a translation here.

Music and the Occitan scene

A brief history and the scene today in 25 minutes - English sub-titles.  Here.
Three minutes of the well-known Occitan singer (and activist) Maria Roanet.  Her voice is moving and emotional - other films of her are available on the link.   Click here.

 Occitan music is modern (and amusing) and played in the bars of such capitals as Perpignan.  Here Englishman Ben Gross sings a popular Occitan song and follows it with something - well, quite different!  Click here.  Seven minutes.

The music of the Troubadours, recreated in concert in Carcassonne cité.  Eight minutes.  Many spiritual people tell me they sense they have heard this music in another life.  Click here.

Three minutes of Bella Ciao Ciao at the village fête!  Here. 

For those studying guitar - eight minutes of brilliant guitar work.   Click here.

Se Canta

This song is more-or-less the Occitan National Anthem.  Here it is beautifully sung in the old City of Carcassonne.  Click here.

Just for fun.  NOT the best version ever seen, but it was the end of a long evening!  Click 


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