The Mayor That Was Me

The Mayor That Was Me

REINCARNATION - is it true?

Reincarnation - the Link
Candles sending prayers to Heaven in the church at Rennes-le-Château.

Could it be true?
I wrote "The Mayor that was Me" because my life changed for the better as a result of a reincarnation experience.  Many who have read my book tell me that "The Mayor That Was Me" proved that reincarnation was true.  Some incidents in the book were certainly more than just coincidence.

  Just lately I had an another experience.  I also help friends to publish their books and one of my authors told me I had put the title of her book, on the spine of it, the wrong way up.  It was not 'correct.'  "It should read top-to-bottom and you've done it bottom-to-top," she said.  I checked.  All the titles of books that I'd done were bottom-to-top and all the titles of the English spines on my bookshelf were top-to-bottom.  I had never given the matter any thought before, just done the spines when I was designing, because bottom-to-top was logical to me.  No person such as a printer had ever pointed out this "error" to me.

  Then I looked at my French bookshelf.  All the titles on the spines of the books ran bottom-to-top!  No wonder my French printer hadn't seen anything wrong! 

  It seems fanciful, this tiny factor, but I have no doubt that my French/Occitan previous life also had experience of publishing, commensurate with the time through which he lived.

  The French titles go from the bottom to the top.
Reincarnation is logical.  “If a new soul is created for every person who lives and who ever has lived on this earth,” my father used to say, “There must be a hell of a lot of souls floating about up there with nothing to do.  No, it’s quite obvious that souls are re-cycled.”  A funny way of looking at the afterlife perhaps?  For myself it seems scientific that a person's energy can somehow survive and continue later in another body.  We just don't understand it yet.  After all, three hundred years ago, if you described radio waves to people, they would not have believed you or understood.  Whatever reincarnation is, it seems as logical as the wind blowing; it just happens.

 One of the oldest human beliefs

  The French sometimes name a new child after a person who has died, thinking that something of the dead person will survive in the soul of the new child.  Children are named after their grandparents which was why, in the Middle Ages, the Counts of Toulouse were always called Raymond for eight generations, and the Dukes of Aquitaine always called William.
    At that time, the 13th century, the main religion in Languedoc was Catharism and its Occitan adherents believed in reincarnation.
    Many modern French people are interested in Eastern religions, and call themselves Buddhists or Hindu.  Reincarnation is part of that; one works oneself up through several lives, paying for past problems, learning new things, until one is a perfect soul, detached from material things, and can then ascend to heaven. Reincarnation gives you a chance to take your soul on a journey to perfection. 

  This worries me however; who defines perfection?  I'm not sure they judge things quite the same in heaven as they do on earth.
    However, I was drawn to France and had wanted to live here since I saw Narbonne in the 1980's.  It took me twenty years.  My friends used to say, if the phone's engaged she's home; if the answer-machine is on, she's in France.  Other friends used to tell me I had lived in France in a previous life.  "But what about my future lief?" I used to say.  I now think it was literally my destiny.
  Eventually I found myself a small property in France, and then I had a strange experience.  A psychic lady told me that I was reincarnated from the mayor of the village, back in the 1920’s and 30’s.  That really started something.
  My book describes how that experience led me on trails full of twists and turns and coincidences.   My previous life was of Visigothic descent, which led me to write a book about the Visigoths here in Languedoc.  I love history and my reincarnation experience gave me new insights into the life of the Cathars, for some of them in the Ariège were ancestors of my previous life.  He was an Occitan poet.  I also discovered the Occitan culture and music that I relate to so strongly.
  It has all made me very happy.  I have stopped travelling now and live where I belong.  How many people can say that?


My new home was not far from the Canal du Midi

My friend Lyndall Demere, who is a highly trained psychologist and pastoral counsellor, is deeply interested in reincarnation, and therefore, in my book.  She says;
    Reincarnation?  This book is an engaging story about the author Val Wineyard’s discovery that she had indeed lived in the village of St. Celse in the Narbonnais.
    Val begins this journey with many visits to Languedoc, which lead to her buying a garden on which she built a small house.  She had fallen in love with Languedoc. She felt compelled to embark on this sometimes wild adventure. Val describes heartbreaking challenges, that in retrospect, are telling of experiences originating in a different lifetime.
    Val was able to talk to many people who had known her previous life.  She was able to read his literary work, for he was an Occitan poet, describing events and observations.
    Then Val researched the astrological profiles of many people in her story, both past and present.  These profiles had so many similar astrological placements and interests with her previous life that it could not have been coincidence. 
    Val describes her past life memories, and the many life events that led her to these insights, that enhances her personal understanding of herself and explains the interests that are important to her in this lifetime.  

   There are other articles here about reincarnation.  For Celtic ideas, click here.  For Cathar ideas, click here.


PS  As regards proof of reincarnation, have a look at this amazing film.   Click here.

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