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June 2015


I am always a sceptical of these things but Val Wineyard's book makes me think I may have been wrong and perhaps I should look into this more.  Very enjoyable read, I'm not a usual book buyer but I found it fascinating stuff.  Leah Harlow, rock musician and film maker.

May 2015

You have proved that reincarnation exists.

25th August 2014

"This is the best book you've ever written.  I found it really interesting and the story carried one along.  I think it would make a good film.  Seriously.  You ought to get a film-maker interested in it."  Myles Cummings, now teaching film and photography in India.   So, will all interested film-makers get in touch!

  Meanwhile, you can see films about reincarnation for yourself by clicking here.

20th June 2014

An English language on-line magazine was asking people to tell them why they came to Languedoc to live so  I responded right away and they said;  "That's exactly what we are looking for!"  Click here to see the article.  I do hope it will inspire English people in this region to find out more about the Occitan culture that still reigns here.

15th March 2014
Luigi Oliviero  
"The places of a Soul."  It doesn't matter if you don't believe in reincarnation, because this book gives you the occasion to travel in time and space throughout the Languedoc and its history.  It is a journey of a soul through its beloved places, scattered into a region that has suffered the harassments of history.  It is also the fascinating story of an inquiring mind permeated by a love for her elected ground that exudes from every single written word.

2nd January 2014

Lyndall Demere, Psychotherapist, California.  Val, I love your book and find your reasoning helpful to others in naming their own past lives, encouraging them to find clues that open doors to more distinct memories.  This builds strength at the core of a person that cannot be shaken. 

 November 2013 - On this day the book had already received two reviews!  I particularly liked the one from CarbonekAs a student of psychology I am taught to approach all claims with scepticism.  I approached Val Wineyard's The Mayor That Was Me in such a way and without breaking my scepticism, found myself convinced of Val's account of reincarnation.  A very, very interesting book from an obviously talented author.

What the people say

Paul Wylie, Ireland;  I thoroughly enjoyed your book, I mean it.  Your story spoke to me very much.  I've read it four times!

Giles Denmark  Good for you Val. Your writing has no bounds!  Keep up the good work. 

Andrew Lownie, Literary Agent  Many thanks for your book which awaited my return from holiday. As always, production very good and looking forward to reading it.  Lucky you, living in France.

Mary-Jean Wood, Ariège  I thought the book was very good, but then, your books always are! 

Trebha Cooper, Rennes-les-Bains   A very good read.  The best you've written!

 2nd September 2013  A review in French!

A young lady called Kris Darquis talked to me for a while at the book sale at Rennes-le-Château in August, and bought a copy of The Mayor That Was Me.  She was particularly interested in the idea that my previous life had met Bérenger Saunière, the priest who found a fortune.  And she took a photo of me.

Later she e-mailed me and said;  "I just finished your book. Your spiritual journey with Jules Azema is really touching. You have been so fortunate to be led by an 'invisible hand' to this lady who indicated his grave."
  Kris writes for a French web-site called the Gazette of Rennes-le-Château.  And a few days later she had written a review!  Here's my translation of it into English;  A journalist by profession, the British lady Val Wineyard describes herself as an ordinary woman destined to live in the Languedoc.  After travelling extensively in France, she "installed herself there definitely" in 1995 and indulged her passion for the history of the region and the Occitan culture. Val has already written and published several books in English about the Visigoths, and Mary Magdalene and Jesus in the south of France and at Rennes-les-Bains.  Her latest work, The Mayor That Was Me, abundantly illustrated, is nothing like the previous ones for it is the fruit of a personal and spiritual voyage which pushed her to retrace the life of of Jules Azéma, (1869 to 1936) the mayor of the village where she lived, who was a close friend of Prosper Estieu, the Occitan Poet.   It was a journey through Languedocian time and space which passed through the Razès.  (The region named after Rennes-le-Château.)  Val has preserved her English sense of humour and says that for nothing in the world would she return to her native England.
  I was moved by Kris's real interest in my book.
Here's Kris the journalist, on the right, hard at work interviewing.

 Saturday, August 17, 2013
Book-signing at Rennes-le-Château!
Every year at the mysterious Rennes-le-Château (to the south of Carcassonne on the way to Quillan) is held a "Day of Books and Strangeness" with many conferences and talks, and an open-air sales of books on all subjects under the sun, but mostly about the mysteries of the region.  This year it was held on 17th August.  So I went to sell books but mainly to launch The Mayor That Was Me and present it to the world.
Latest Book.JPG

I know Rennes-le-Château well, after writing about it for many years and making friends there.  (Click here to see more.) I enjoyed the atmosphere in the book sale part and found it interesting to meet people who were self-publishers like myself, and so there was a lot of "shop-talk" going on.
  Toni, who works in the bookshop Atelier Empreinte, was most interested, especially as my previous life had visited Rennes-le-Chateau.  Toni was thrilled because he had bought a book published in 1936, which proved that people were already visiting the village in the 1930's to search for Bérenger Saunière's treasure, and I was thrilled to read this too, for it's possible my previous life and his friends were among them.  I had been told by an old lady that Rennes-le-Château was a popular place to visit in the 1930’s and that my previous life went there with his lady friend . . . .
    I was particularly moved by the reaction of my friend Luke, who has his artist's gallery in Rennes-le-Château.  "Val, I want to read this book," he said. 
  I sold more copies than I expected, and for my other books too.  For those visiting the region, "The Mayor That Was Me" is now for sale in the bookshops at Rennes-le-Château.  
aged18.jpg  Me at 18 - so innocent!
  If anybody had told me then  that in later life I would be living in lovely Languedoc, with its incredible richnesses of climate and countryside and mysteries and Mediterranean life, and that I would love it so much, I would never have believed them.  But it's true.

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